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We are a complete digital marketing company having solution to all your marketing needs, whether it’s Search Engine Optimization, Paid advertising, Local Business listing, Cost per click or Social Media Marketing campaigns.

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Professional SEO Services

Extended exposure in major search engines

With professional SEO, Search Engine Optimization, you can’t get real customers from the web. We promote, establish and rank your products and services in a way that turn visitors into your valuable clients.

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SEO Friendly Web Development

Responsive Web Design & Development

Our development team has sound knowledge of SEO to incorporate the factors in a web design that affect the overall rankings. Customer centered themes, color combination and templates are designed to facilitate visitors in easy navigation.

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Google Adwords Campaign Management

Advertising on Google is one of the most powerful and fastest methods to gain instant online presence. Do you want people find you on the top of Google on the very first day you start selling goods and services? Do you want to cross all the barriers in reaching to a targeted audience? With our effective Google Adwords Campaign Management, we let you achieve the goals you have planned in previous meeting. Elink Marketing is a hub of digital marketing, where all your needs of getting maximum online exposure are met. Our dedicated team of SEO and Adwords Specialist brilliantly run the campaign through targeted keywords and bring you real customers.

Target areas and communities with tailored Google Ads

Google, being the major search engine, holds plenty of users across the globe. More people like to search products and services through their smart phones and mobile devices, with easy navigation. The organic search results are manipulated through various parameters, where you have to face tough competition. The massive increase in service providers has made it quite difficult for a company to be on the top of search results, which is now done through paid marketing campaigns. Unlike SEO, where you have to wait for long in order to be ranked on the first page, here you are exposed on top of searches within a few hours. We select relevant keywords for your business, set areas and region to target, and allow a budget. In return, your website is shown in the targeted areas for which you are charged if a user clicks your ads. For the same reason, it is called pay per click marketing.

Pay per Click means pay for a user that comes through Google

Don’t expense a hell of money on marketing that never shows results. We manage your campaigns in a way that brings you more and more customers from the same search engine, which have not even ranked you. Why to wait for a customer that never turns second page of the search results? We promote your products, brands and services to generate instant revenue. Elink Marketing is the only company to offer digital advertising with a difference.

What we do in Google Adwords Campaign Management?

Our result driven marketing campaign is powered with the selfless and untiring efforts of our dedicated and professional experts, who have proven track record in most of production and service industries. Here are the secrets of our effective paid marketing.

  • In depth keyword analysis
  • Accounting for targeted areas and communities
  • Competitor activities and analysis
  • Creating compelling ads
  • Optimizing ad for relevant keywords
  • Testing performance of each ad unit


Elink Marketing has to offer complete ad management from the scratch, which promote your brands instantly while supplying your peace of mind. It’s the kind of marketing strategy that won’t expense your more money. Save your time and hard cash by hiring our ad managers for your valued products. To be served first, please feel free to fill the contact us form and write us your needs. We will get back to you sooner than possible. 

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