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We are a complete digital marketing company having solution to all your marketing needs, whether it’s Search Engine Optimization, Paid advertising, Local Business listing, Cost per click or Social Media Marketing campaigns.

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Professional SEO Services

Extended exposure in major search engines

With professional SEO, Search Engine Optimization, you can’t get real customers from the web. We promote, establish and rank your products and services in a way that turn visitors into your valuable clients.

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SEO Friendly Web Development

Responsive Web Design & Development

Our development team has sound knowledge of SEO to incorporate the factors in a web design that affect the overall rankings. Customer centered themes, color combination and templates are designed to facilitate visitors in easy navigation.

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Pay Per Click Services

Advertising products and services by means of traditional tools has a long history, which is not transformed into digital marketing or online advertising. Companies tend to invest a lot in terms of marketing and advertising, but do they know how much fruitful it is? Do they get the desired number of customers every month? Do you reach to the customers of a region to which they intend? Pay Per Click (PPC) or paid marketing has the solution to instant search engine exposure. eLink Marketing has to offer well managed and supervised campaigns through the paid advertising, which is being offered by the major search engine.


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Google Adwords

Bing & Yahoo Ads

Facebook Paid  Ads

LinkedIn Paid Ads

Paid Marketing vs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Though the purpose of both marketing strategies is to gain exposure in search engines and reach a selected community or region out of the massive internet users. You may go wrong if you dare to compare PPC with SEO, because they have quit different implications and results.

“PPC means Fast and Instant Online Exposure”

In comparison to other marketing tactics, PPC is considered the fastest one, because you become live in major search majors within a few hours. The search engines show your brand, business, product or services at the top or search engine against the search query a user enters, because they are paid for. If you ever searched something on Google, you would have observed sponsored links just below the search bar, it’s known as PPC or cost per click. You are charged for the number of users, who click your ad and arrives at your website or product page.

Don’t market your products blindly

Investing your hard cash into ad agencies without knowing how and where they expose the products you are manufacturing. The internet is a huge world, having a massive population. Make sure the money you spent brings you fruit as well, because the ads which need to be shown in a targeted city or state, might be useless to show to people living in other states. In the same manner, if you need to attract the global audience, our PPC Marketing Managers ensures it as well.  

“Build Your Brands with Our PPC Experts”

eLink Marketing is a complete digital marketing agency working since long for the brand recognition of prominent clients across the globe. We have a team of well experienced marketers to ensure your visibility in the search engine against the searches that relates to your business. If you have been wondering for long to have a talented SEO Consultant, you have reached at the best place.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or get a free quote for your specific needs. 

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