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Basis of Blogging SEO

0 Comments Content Writing   (on 25-Aug-2015 12:40 PM)

Basis of Blogging SEO

It is important for all the SEO executives to know about the basis of blogging in order to find making an enhancement in your exposure. There are some important factors that you have to keep in mind before start writing any blog on a specific topic. Here is the list of some basic factors that you must have to be aware of before starts blogging. From the time when the internet marketing has been started blogs are becoming the most easiest and effective way of promoting any specific product or service. For an SEO executive the main aim should be to post different blogs in a way so that more and more new viewers can attract towards that specific topic.

Own domain and hosting

The first and the foremost step that must has been taken by a dedicated SEO is to buy their own domain and hosting in order to have a platform so that it becomes so easy to post your blogs on different topics. There are many sites that allows SEO executives to have their own domain and hosting. Own domain and hosting will eventually provide a chance to all of you to have a more and more new viewers of your blogs.

Adding some original content

Actually the phrase original content means “more than just a conventional blog “ In order to become a successful SEO executive it is necessary for all of you to add some photography, videos, tools and plugins, products  so that the search engine immediately open your link of blog. Because any related video, picture, or plugin will eventually allow to search effetely and immediately.

Clean optimized Theme

Optimizing your blog theme is too much important because it helps google indicators that your blogging site is trust worthy. You must have to keep in mind that the blog you are going to post is cleanly coded. It will allow you have a more customer viewership of your article.

Install a sitemap on your blog

That is the easiest thing that you must have to be done at the time of posting your blog. It will allow you to provide your online viewers to find out all the list of your all blogs and articles. It helps you have a good relationship history with your viewers.

Use SEO Plugins

If you want to become a successful blog writer then it is essential for you to have a complete grip on the usage of SEO plugins. It will eventually allow you to know the ranking of your blogs and its level of appreciation among different viewers and online users.  These are the some main factors that you must have to keep in mind at the time of posting a blog.

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